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pay attention to passports need visa for some countries

Do I need a visa?

No, only an authorization, called ESTA. You make the request on the Net: www.esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/, also a document with the address of our house and a little liquidity can be asked to the PAF of LAX. We advise you to have your ESTA beforehand, to buy your plane ticket. The price of a ticket will vary between 350 to 950 € depending on the company, the anticipation of the date and the different options.

Please be informed that certain nationalities will need visas to enter the United States.

Which airport in California?
LAX, Los Angeles International Airport.
Do I leave alone or with Paris or elsewhere?
Yes, our support starts at LAX. We will wait for you at the exit of the travelers with a clear panels which you will not be able to miss. Moreover, when buying your ticket, make sure you arrive at LAX in local time between 12:00 and 20:00, for obvious reasons of logistics and rallying drivers according to the different countries of origin. Similarly for the return of flights from 10:00 on Tuesday for stays of 10 days and Sunday for stays of 14 days. Nevertheless if for different reasons you were not in these slots, an individual transport will be charged you $ 195.
Do I need repatriation insurance?
Yes, this is very strongly recommended for all hospital care. A good contact in the field: assuretonsport.com
Do I have to be of age to come in your stays?
Non, et il n’y a pas d’âge minimum, de nombreux terrains possèdent des pistes pour les tout petit. Pour les mineurs voyageant seul ne pas oublier l’autorisation de sortie du territoire (AST), dument signée, qui sera demandée à la PAF française par exemple.
I am a medium level, can I still come rolling?
Yes, absolutely and without worries or constraints, the land in California is of different configuration compared to Europe (they are bigger, wider and faster). In addition, almost all terrains such as CAHUILA, LAKE ELSINORE, PERRIS, MILESTONE, PALA and others have at least 2 MX circuits, sometimes 3, thus offering different levels. In addition, the family atmosphere that strolls there to encourage beginners.
Am I alone or with a group?
It depends on the period, school holidays in France for example but also championships. But we are always working to make your stay as pleasant and pleasant as possible and our accommodation conditions are more than satisfactory.
How are the driving days programmed?
First, we do not roll on Monday, the day after your arrival. Time difference of 9 hours, flights of 12 hours in average must be digested by the body. The different fields are not open every day so we spread the 4 days or 8 days of driving according to the availability of the land. Also it is impossible that we rolled 2 days in a row. Rest and relaxation as well as sightseeing and shopping are part of the stay as well.
Can we make our personal stay before or after your stay?
Yes, without a doubt. Nevertheless our points and pickup times must be respected, otherwise you will have to join the villa or leave the villa by your own means.
I am in the area, can I rent a motorbike at home?
Yes, without problems, nevertheless contact us to see the places of driving and availability of motorcycles.