Our coaching is supervised by Julien Dalbec, French state patent monitor and multiple champions of Burgundy and Georges Mazier.

Julien is 20 years of experience in competition, with championship titles in Burgundy, top 10 in the French National Championship and participation in the league of France Elite and Supercross. 66th of Le Touquet 2011

Georges, meanwhile, has more than 10 years of practice of motocross.

They will share their experience at a high level, to give you the confidence to progress.

Each driver has a different technique and level, Julien and Georges will adapt to your expectations and your level, they will make you progress safely. If you want to progress faster in good conditions, no doubt these coaching are for you. Individual coaching or in small groups of maximum 6 pilots.

Individual internship => $ 250 / day

Group internship => $ 150 / day

A day, month or year.

Contact us for a program à la carte. Smx factory school usa supports you in your objectives.

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